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Auctions / Services

Have an Auction!     Note  ** Auctions are suspended due to Covid**

We will make offers depending on age & condition and meeting requirements.

Would you like to have an Auction?    If you are having difficulty selling your restaurant as a business, or you find you are having to close, consider having an on site auction at your location. I can auction your lot of equipment at the highest  return, with no out of pocket costs to you!

Why sell your equipment piece by piece, this can be accomplished in one day. There is no advertising costs to you.  I will advertise 7-14 days, prior to the Auction day. This would be a 1-day sale event. Our Auctions are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The best days for attendance.

Our  customers are required to remove their purchased items, either the day of the Auction or the
next 1-2 days. No costs out of pocket or work for you. This process can take as little as 9-16 days, from signing of the contract.

We have a combined mailing list of 37 years of an established Equipment Company here in Atlanta.

Send an email or call us for details... 

Peggy Hajosy 
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Auction License:  GAL # AU-C002897